The Military

Major Schjølberg has acknowledged that the military has saved considerable sums.

No Recorded Deviations

In 2012 I was contacted by Volvo Machine regarding their experience with Primepower charger in combination with pulse technology. Major Frank Schjølberg decided on behalf of the military to equip Champ 24Volt 20A chargers in combination with pulse technology on 79 of their backhoes that were to be placed around the country at military sites.

This has been a significant reference for the military as no deviations from the machines have been recorded, neither in relation to the batteries nor the electronics in general. Major Frank Schjølberg has acknowledged that the military has saved considerable sums in relation to these machines.

Avinor knows about the Canadus HD-1224 and recognizes the product in installations and has therefore made reports including Canadus HD-1224 for investment in machines. Avinor has had this in their plans for several years.

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Canadus HD-1224 is NATO approved:
NATO Nr 6130-01-643-3339

Primepower charger:
NATO Nr 6130-25-161-5225

Make the most of your Battery life

Sulphation prevents charging currents to be transferred to the battery cells, which in turn will provide less amps (Ah). Read more about this on documents.

Canadus HD-1224 prevents this.


Battery failure is always inconvenient, and new batteries might may not be obtainable when you need them.

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