Here you can learn about all types of consumer and start batteries that are lead or acid based.

Motorhomes, as we know, have a slightly different need for reliability than our regular vehicles for passenger transportation. Maintenance is of course an important part of keeping a utility vehicle in good operational condition.

Time and time again we have seen that consumption batteries create unnecessary problems, and basically it is something that turns out to be difficult to maintain.

In view of today’s batteries with closed cell structure, no other maintenance is required than checking that connections are clean and without corrosion.

When problems occur, the battery itself can just be replaced. However, I have a solution that prevents replacing batteries altogether! By installing a Canadus HD-1224 on the battery (or batteries), the life of the battery itself and the surrounding systems will increase considerably.

Canadus HD-1224 can be used on all types of lead batteries such as AGM, Gel and freely ventilated.

The device is activated when the battery is charged either from the generator in the vehicle or from an external charger with 13,2 volt.

The Canadus HD-1224 prevents and reverses a phenomenon that occurs in all batteries when they are being charged or discharged. This phenomenon is called sulphation, which is a consequence of how a battery stores and emits energy. In practice, this means that from the very first charge of the battery a sulphation process will occur.

The consequence of sulphation is that the lead plates, which make up large parts of the internal battery, are covered by larger or smaller insulators (non-conductive crystals). These insulators grow from day one, which leads to the resistance being increased. The ability to absorb power in turn is decreased which results in the power of the battery being significantly reduced. This affects the generator that must work harder to charge the battery. At the same time, the battery capacity drops as it does not absorb enough charge. Another side effect is that the charging temperature rises as the battery’s ability to “prevent” current peaks diminishes.

Since this is a slow process, ordinary vehicles with moderate power needs will not sense the changes as rapidly, but in motor homes, leisure boats and other types of utility vehicles this will be detected relatively quickly in relation to battery capacity.

The Canadus HD-1224 has a pulse technology that works directly on these “non-conductive crystals” so that they dissolve and are returned to the lead plates in the form of active material. It is this “pulse technology” that prevents a battery from being discarded.

In these times of increased environmental awareness, this is great news. At the same time, the capacity of the battery is kept at a high level. Decreased charging temperature also means better conditions for the generator or any externally mounted chargers. The user experiences predictability and increased power supply performance.

Canadus HD-1224 is easy to install, one cable at a time. It does not require maintenance and works automatically when the battery is being charged, and it does not draw power from the battery when the battery is not charging.

Make the most of your Battery life

Sulphation prevents charging currents to be transferred to the battery cells, which in turn will provide less amps (Ah). Read more about this on documents.

Canadus HD-1224 prevents this.


Battery failure is always inconvenient, and new batteries might may not be obtainable when you need them.

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