Emergency Services

The Emergency services have experienced a lot of challenges with lead batteries, based on various standpoints and opinions about charging and handling of sulphation.

“We have followed Primepower.se’s chargers for more than 15 years in the bodybuilder environment, which has contributed to the fact that there are no complaints”

Optimal start batteries

We have had a good cooperation with Banner via Entrack at Grinder in Solør. This has been a cooperation based on mutual understanding that the customer will experience predictability when lead batteries, start batteries and regular consumer batteries are installed.

Banner Buffalo are optimal as start and consumer batteries in one and the same battery because of their features, please see technical documents.

If you would like more information, please send me an e-mail and I will get back to you.

The Start of Something Great

In 1983-84 I was at a trade fair in Germany, where I met Mr. Montgomery from the United States. He was setting light to a piece of cloth called PBI, and I stopped immediately to learn more. We had a good connection, and I ended up bringing some samples and his business cards back to Norway. As we didn’t have e-mails in those days, we kept in touch through writing letters and telefax, but we kept at it and I started knocking on doors in Norway.

The results of the story are visible in every small and large municipality in Norway, and in every country. Working without the use of PBI as protection is no longer a topic today, which is good!

Therefore, the pleasure was great when I met old contacts at the trade fair in 2016 – PBI had its own large exhibition hall for the afterparty for dealers and agents.

I am incredibly proud to have been a part of this. Today, I am the owner of a customized PBI jacket with my name, Jens, on the back, that I received from VIKING Denmark, and I will cherish it!

The Time I Ended Up at the Museum

This story is memorable; One Wednesday in March 2017, I was at Grønland Fire Station, which is now a fire museum.

We were enjoying a cup of coffee and chatting when Trond Flaarud suddenly got up and asked if I wanted to see the first PBI hood that was made. At that moment I realized that I had ended up in the museum 🙂

To each one of you, I am increadably proud to say that I was directly involved in this, thank you to Marlow Hansen (Soylen) who at that time was at Briskeby fire station in the diving department, and Thor Brannmann who was the brigade chief at the main station. Both listened to me, and I will carry that memory with me every day.

Both have passed on, but their voices and movements are with me… Thanks Thor and Marlow…

Faulty Cars

In 2016, my colleague Andy Van Elzen from Canadus Power Systems and I visited a typical fire and rescue facility in the US, Shaker Heights Fire Dept., just outside Cleveland.

We were shown one of their faulty cars and we suggested to change the entire charging system to my solution; the Primepower 12-volt 20A ABC charger adapted to 110 volts. This solution together with the Canadus HD-1224 sealed the deal for the car manager to test out the concept. He was initially sceptical because the battery on this unit was normally replaced every 6-8 months.

As Good as New

Just before Christmas in 2018, I received confirmation from the car manager at Shaker Heights Fire Dept., that our solution had been significant for the agency. There have been no battery replacements, and measurements of the battery capacity at fixed intervals throughout the period has shown that the battery still appears new without deterioration.

We appreciate the open-mindedness shown us from the first day, and wish this and other agencies that choose our solution a good and predictable power supply which is important when the seconds count.

Bertel O Steen

A significant supplier in the emergency services market is undoubtedly Bertel O. Steen and their department Werk Lørenskog.

At Werk, solutions are being built for a selective audience that require predictability and solutions that must be activated in seconds when the alarm is raised. I am proud to have been part of this environment and able to contribute with charging systems from Primepower AB in Sweden since 2003.

Primarily, the systems being utilized is the Champ 12V 7A which has been the go-to system for several years and will continue to be utilized for the years to come.

Please let me know if you like a reference and I can connect you to a person who can verify this information.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Bertel O. Steen at Werk Lørenskog does not only supply the emergency services, but The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is also a significant customer, and of course with the Champ 12V 7A as part of the power supply.

Thanks to everyone for their trust;

Bertel O. Steen AS, BRACO Fire and Rescue, Handicare Vehicles (specialized vehicles) Norwegian Scania and Volvo Truck.

Make the most of your Battery life

Sulphation prevents charging currents to be transferred to the battery cells, which in turn will provide less amps (Ah). Read more about this on documents.

Canadus HD-1224 prevents this.

“I am starting to age, but confirmations like this are so nice after many years of knocking on doors that I can’t give up now!”

Fire and rescue

Based on a very nice phone call from a major fire and rescue station in Østfold before Christmas, which confirmed solid reference and experience with Primepower’s Champ solution in combination with Canadus HD-1224, I have chosen to continue this work towards the fire and rescue environment in Norway and visit fire stations, as well as attend conferences this year and the years to come.

I have agreed with the fire and rescue station in Østfold to gather up crew responsible for the vehicles and others for a total battery and power supply review. This event will be filmed and posted here on my site.

THe solution

In this picture you see the solution that was chosen for a command support unit in a major fire and rescue service. They have had this solution for 2.5 years and there is no record of any battery problems or other issues during the period.

The solution consists of Canadus HD-1224 and start and operating batteries.

Entrack AS on Grinder provides a 3-year warranty on its AGM batteries if being fitted with Canadus HD-1224 from day one.

References can be provided on request.

Virtually Zero Complaints

On this picture you can see chargers mounted with one Champ 12Volt 7A on each battery. This is the same version as the 24Volt, but the 24V with 20A is naturally a bit larger in size.

The reason why these chargers have been chosen over several years at Bertel O. Steen is the fact that there have been virtually no complaints in this period.

I will gladly provide contact information for references if there is any doubt!

Another important factor why the Primepower Champ is so appealing is the fact that it handles parallel loads, that is, continuous power pull during charging, such as from Locus, radio and more.

The Police

The police’s Vito and Sprinter vans have gotten their power supply from Champ chargers since 2003. In 2016, Egil Verne took over the baton as I have started to become a “slightly older youth” 🙂 I believe the decision to let Egil take over was wise.

I always get a good gut feeling when I walk out the door from Werk Lørenskog after a chat and a laugh with the technicians that I have followed and known for many years, there are some newcomers, but all in all they are the same group of guys. Which means that most things are done right at that place!


Handicare, one of Norway’s leading companies in car adaptation with 12 locations in Norway, uses Canadus in its deliveries.

VW Amarok ambulance is a new generation ambulance with innovative solutions that have been well received in the market. We are very proud to say that we have supplied Canadus HD-1224 over several years to Handicare AS. We will of course do our best to keep that position and contribute to even more satisfied Handicare customers.

Roger Pettersen (Handicare) visits ambulance services throughout the country, and with him on his journeys is the Canadus HD-1224. With the Canadus HD-1224 he can give the customers optimal predictability in relation to both starter and consumer batteries. Every VW ambulance is fitted with two Canadus HD-1224.

I truly appreciate this trust!


I would like to give a special thanks to BRACO for the trust they have shown over a long period of time by using Primepower Champ 24Volt 20A chargers for their builds. Of course coupled with Canadus HD-1224 as a preventive measure against sulphation.

Our cooperation has lasted a few years, and I will do the best of my ability to keep that trust.

Would You Like to Learn More?

For someone who does not see the whole picture when building this type of vehicle from scratch, this jumble of cables with different colours and codes will seem like a utter chaos, but there is a strict manual, and every technician has his task and knows exactly where each cable should go.

Egil Verne AS is the company who continues to provide Primepower chargers to Bertel O. Steen AS, Werk Lørenskog. I will continue to provide selected chargers for the emergency services in 2019, and in combination with the Canadus HD-1224 this will result in predictable solutions for manufacturers. I am looking forward to visiting the agencies on my journey.

If you like to learn more, please send me an e-mail: jens@jenskleven.no or call +47 9323 1344 and I will do my best to assist you.

Make the most of your Battery life

Sulphation prevents charging currents to be transferred to the battery cells, which in turn will provide less amps (Ah). Read more about this on documents.

Canadus HD-1224 prevents this.


Battery failure is always inconvenient, and new batteries might may not be obtainable when you need them.

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EG Electronics is a major supplier in the vehicle market and has offices in 6 countries with their HQ in Spånga, Sweden.

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