How to install CANADUS HD-1224 in your camper / boat

Simply connect the cables from the device to the positive red and negative black battery clamp on a single battery or a battery bank with two or more batteries.

First plus and last minus in a parallel-connected battery bank, or on the battery from the bottom side, if that’s the easiest way.

The HD-1224 immediately begins the removal of sulphation from the battery or the batteries after installation

Attach the device with nylon strips or silicone to the battery to attach the HD-1224 to the battery or battery cables.

This is how Canadus HD-1224 works after installation

The device runs through a calibration at startup and charging test, where the device checks the state of the battery, and then goes on to monitor each cell continuously.

At 12V installation, the unit flashes once.

Activates at 13.1 Volt, it means charging at 230 connection or when generator is running.

Thank you for your trust by choosing HD-1224 for your battery application!


Battery failure will always be inconvenient, and new batteries may not be available there and then.

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