My old wise grandmother taught me early that I should not "trick someone to believe", or lie as we said on the East Side of Oslo, I have followed that through my long life.

Jens Petter Kleven, or just Jens..

For a long time I have been an entrepreneur and tried to create relationships between companies, engineers, product developers and the market. This collaboration has helped products have seen the light of the day and stayed there, which I am very proud of!

I want to mention ISOLI in Italy, PBI in the United States, Primepower AB in Sweden, Canada Power Systems in the United States, and a close and constructive collaboration over time with Volvo Truck in Gothenburg and Norwegian Scania, as well as Scania centrally in Sweden. A considerable number of customers in the Nordic region have for many years been the basis for operations, and companies such as Bertel O. Steen AS, Handicare AS, Braco AS, motorhome union in Norway, a large number of motorhome dealers with Sørlandet Caravansenter, now FERDA,  as the leading customer have contributed their commitment over several years .


I have presented product solutions for demanding builders all the way back to 2002-3 and for the most Bertel O. Steen AS, Handicare Auto AS and Braco at Lierskogen. Everything is related to the emergency services, but also other demanding customers that want to have their solutions on the top shelf, at least when we are talking about design, quality and units that needs mounting.

My good friend Kjell Henriksen in ELTEK was the one who drove me to Primepower AB more than 15 years ago and he is one of many who has helped me now depend on my 67 years with a feeling of more good times to come. Former Chief of Brigade in Oslo Fire and rescue and mentor Thor Kristiansen has been ready with his shoulder when it blew heavily, Ørnulf Johansen at Bertel O Steen department 759 has put our products and thoughts on top shelf. Vidar Andersen at Handicare has said yes to many Occasions to me and my things, Einar Glenthøy at Braco and many, in fact, many with solid knowledge have given me green light …

I want to thank each and every one of you for the trust you have shown me. .. I have not forgotten you, there are just so many of you ..


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